You Wont Forget Me...

Life is about hits and misses, you either got it or you don't.
Even if I told you it all you wouldn't have the slightest clue.
Simple, yet very complicated.
Im easy to please but impossible to understand.
I love too quickly and forgive too easily.
Strong but weaker than the eye can see.
I love the ocean, nice weather, baseball, my family, and friends.
Im a sucker for tattoos, Spanish men and a nice smile.
Music is my get away and I could get lost in it for days.
I strongly believe in self respect and think its sick what the world has come to.
True love is becoming impossible to find and men take women for granted.
I could careless what others say.
I'm me and regardless of what ANYONE thinks I will NEVER change.

Anonymous asked: Aww, your cat is so perfect. What's his/her name?


I have two. My Persian’s named Sasha and my baby’s called Gaby